Interiors design for kitchen is a subject that holds much weight in the Indian home interiors market. Firstly, because we have been swept by a wave of modular kitchens, which have become something of a must-have for most urban households. Secondly, kitchens get a giant share of the budget that most homeowners allocate for their interiors. 

Along with the arrival of the modular kitchen, the concept of open interiors design for kitchen has also taken centre stage. While Indian homes may not be the most natural habitat for an open kitchen, the desi millenials who have travelled the world tend to prefer open kitchens. They are sold on some of the obvious advantages of open kitchens like visibility and accessibility. Also, our living spaces are shrinking and there is merit in open layouts to make the most of space. 

Are you toying with the idea of choosing an open interiors design for kitchen in your house? Then  you definitely need to see our curated list of the best open kitchens from #LivspaceHomes

#1: The big fat Indian kitchen

yellow kitchen-island kitchen
Extra storage, extra counter space and extra everything else

When you have so much space to work with an open island kitchen is the best option. Since it’s visible from the living room, pick a striking pop colour to keep things interesting.

#2: Kitchen by the way

green kitchen-parallel kitchen
A kitchen that fits into a passageway

If you notice carefully, this kitchen is set in a space within a passageway. Parallel layouts are ideal for this kind of open kitchen. Also, there is a measure of privacy because the kitchen is not directly visible from the living area. 

#3: Easy-to-maintain open kitchen

island kitchen-grey and wooden kitchen
The island counter is really functional with induction and charging points

One of the prime concerns for choosing interior design for kitchen is the maintenance. Light colours will naturally take a lot of work to maintain. So, why not choose easy-to-maintain colours like greys and wooden tones for a low-key kitchen?

#4: As cosy as it gets

blue kitchen-interiors design for kitchen
The breakfast counter for busybees

Breakfast counters are a natural extension of open kitchens. And a nice cosy one like this makes perfect sense for busy working couples as opposed to an elaborate dining space. 

#5: Keeping with continuity

open kitchen-interiors design for kitchen
So many neutrals within one kitchen

The interiors design for kitchen will be seen in conjunction with the living area in an open layout. That is why you need to match the basic aesthetics of the kitchen with that of the living room. For instance, we see light woody tones all around, so it’s a neatly-designed unit. 

#6: Light at the end of the tunnel

blue and white kitchen-parallel kitchen
Don’t miss the under cabinet lighting!

The one problem with open kitchens is that they don’t typically include utility. But that problem has been solved quite cleverly here by attaching an open utility to the kitchen. 

#7: A kitchen for hosts

blue kitchen-open kitchen design
Open kitchens make serving food easier

Wondering what’s just so perfect about this open kitchen? The dining space looks like an extension of the kitchen, making this the most amazing country style kitchen for hosting dinner parties. 

#8: Extra shelf space

wooden beading-breakfast counter
Love the warmth of the wooden touches here

Not only does this open kitchen have a breakfast counter but also some much-needed shelf space has been included here!

#9: The faux partition

semi open kitchen-interiors design for kitchen
The glass partitions give this kitchen a bar-like vibe

In Indian kitchens, we dread that our tadkas will find their way to the dinner table before the food does! But with clear glass partitions like these, you can prevent that at least to some extent. 

#10: Open kitchen for compact homes

exposed brick wall-yellow kitchen
Open layouts make compact spaces look bigger

When you have a really compact living area  like this one, an open kitchen makes it look bigger by opening up space. Also, don’t miss the contrasting patterns in the living area and kitchen backsplash.

#11: Of Jaalis and more

yellow kitchen cabinets-jaali partition

Jaali partitions are an excellent way to provide some privacy to open kitchens without closing them up. However, they only reduce visibility and do not guard against smells or smoke. Articles

#12: The quintessential red kitchen

red kitchen-black countertop
Glossy acrylic finish makes a great show for an open kitchen

Red kitchens are a major hit for Indian homes. The fact that red is a vastu-compliant colour for kitchens could have something to do with it. In an open layout, it’s hard to go wrong with a bright red kitchen like this one. 

#13: Kitchen-cum-dining

blue kitchen-jaali partition design
The screen separates the living from the dining space attached to the kitchen

Notice how the partition here is not between the kitchen and the dining space but the kitchen plus the dining space and the rest of the living room? Such open kitchens score big on accessibility because serving food becomes so much easier. 

#14: The kitchen corner

kitchenette design-small kitchen designs
Perfect when cooking solo

You don’t need more than a corner for setting up a small kitchenette in studio apartments. Such corner kitchens are best left open. 

#15: A perfectly rustic kitchen

open kitchen-exposed brick wall
With exposed brick walls all around

When the exposed brick wall extends from the kitchen to the mini dining area, we know it’s all about food — cooking, serving and eating!

#16: Kitchen behind the vertical garden

brown kitchen-interiors design for kitchen
Don’t miss the extended counter space

Guess what we did here? The interiors design for kitchen here was very compact. We extended the counter outwards and covered it up with a vertical garden! Cool, isn’t it?

#17: Whimsical white kitchens

breakfast counter-white open kitchen
Wooden warmth for a white kitchen

Not all all white kitchens are impractical. Particularly, if you go for easy-to-clean finishes like acrylic as we see here. The white kitchen perfectly complements the wooden furniture of this home. 

#18: ‘U’ for maximum utility

blue kitchen-open kitchen design
The storage is a mix of open and closed shelves

When the agenda is to have as much storage space as possible, always opt for a U-shaped kitchen like this one. It won’t look cramped because it’s open!

#19: Marking off the open kitchen

black kitchen-open kitchen
Glossy finishes for a classy

Open layouts are all about not closing up space. But you still need to segregate space. For instance, the kitchen here is marked off by the wooden paneling on the walls and ceiling at the entrance. 

#20: Raising the bar

blue kitchen-open kitchen
All open kitchens need a strong chimneys

All it takes is a couple of ceiling rafters and a raised block of wall to have a kitchen within the living room. This is, by far, our most European and minimal interiors design for kitchen!

#21: An open kitchen that can be closed

grey kitchen-small kitchen
This kitchen can be easily closed up

Most builders these days offer open kitchens as a default setting in apartments. But they must be cognizant of the fact that come homeowners might prefer closed kitchens. That is when they offer kitchens like these. It is open but can be easily converted to a closed unit. 

#22: Extra counter space

blue kitchen-open kitchen designs
See the extra counter space?

When you have an open kitchen, you can actually extend the counter space beyond the cabinets like a ledge. This space can easily be used to keep cooked food. 

#23: The dry kitchen

dry kitchen-open kitchen designs
No cooking involved

The part of this kitchen that adjoins the living area has no cooking place. It is a dry kitchen where you can brew tea or assemble a sandwich. 

#24: As seamless as it gets

white kitchen-brick wall
Very usable kitchen as all lower cabinets are drawers

When you have an open kitchen, it makes sense to keep everything covered. This kitchen with top-to-bottom covered cabinets and inbuilt appliances is the perfect example of seamless design. 

#25: Flooring it up!

blue kitchen-morrocan tile flooring
Moroccan tile flooring sets the kitchen apart

Statement flooring in an open kitchen serves two purposes. Firstly, it looks great. Secondly, it segregates the kitchen from the living room. 

If you have found your inspiration in these open kitchens, also learn the 5 most important things to know before opting for an open layout.

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