The biggest cities and countries in the world often have the smallest homes. Singapore is no different and if you own one of the spatially-challenged HDBs or condos, we understand your plight. But hey! it’s also and opportunity to get creative with your storage needs and we are here to help. So, here’s a list of space-saving ideas for every room in your home.

But before we go there, here are some versatile tips that you can apply for any room:

  • The minimalist style is a godsend for small homes
  • Use multi-functional furniture
  • Odd niches are actually perfect for storage
  • Wall-mounted storage and shelves save space
Space-saving ideas for living room
space-saving ideas-pillow seating-sofa-cum-bed-living room
Use cushions for seating to save space
space-saving ideas-tv-unit-cum-display-rack-more storage
Increase storage by adding shelves to the TV unit

If you wish to seat many people even in a compact living room,pair your three-seater sofa with ottoman and pouffes that can be stacked easily when not in use. Instead of purchasing an off-the-shelf, free standing TV console, invest in getting a custom wall-to-wall design with ample shelves and storage to place your books and knick-knacks. Even opting for nested tables instead of a regular coffee table gives you great flexibility.

Space-saving ideas for dining room
space-saving ideas-three-seater-round-dining table
Use a round dining table for smaller rooms
space-saving ideas-dining room-square table-open kitchen
Moving your dining table to an open kitchen can help

If you’re looking for a dining table which seats two or three people, then choose a round-table design as its compact shape fits well in a small dining room. If you often have people over, you can also consider investing in an expandable dining table set. Instead of free-standing consoles and sideboards, free up floor space by opting for wall-mounted storage and shelves.

Space-saving ideas for kitchen
space-saving ideas-open kitchen-shelf storage-island
Use a storage counter to demarcate the space
space-saving ideas-open kitchen-breakfast bar-seating
Easy to serve meals with a breakfast bar in your kitchen

Planning a kitchen well, at the time it’s being designed will solve a lot of storage problems that you may face later on. Assess the number of utensils, appliances etc. that you plan to have and ask your designer to accommodate each one without using countertop space and you will be surprised with what is achievable with all the accessories and add-ons that are available in the market. Want a breakfast counter in the kitchen? Opt for wall-mounted,retractable table which can be tucked away between meals..

Space-saving ideas for bedroom
Avoid bulky furniture in the bedroom
space-saving ideas-bedroom-shelves as side tables-lots of storage
Add shelves instead of bedside tables

Opting for a bed frame with storage might be an obvious choice, but it can sometimes make small bedrooms appear cramped, especially if your bedroom lacks proper lighting.. A remedy for some rooms is to instead add lofts above the wardrobe.. If there is a niche, a built-in closet works best. In a tiny bedroom, you can also replace the mandatory bedside table with wall-mounted shelves.

Space-saving ideas for kids’ room
kids room-bed with storage
Built-in storage saves a lot of floor space
space-saving ideas-kids room-storage-study niche
Use niches to add a study corner

For the kids’ room, either go with bunk beds or beds with built-in storage and study. Not only can the storage be used for keeping toys, but this arrangement also frees up a lot of space for your kids to have a separate play area!

Space-saving ideas for guest room
space-saving ideas-guest room-beds with storage
Add beds with storage in the guest room
guest room-wardrobe with lofts
Wardrobe with lofts can give you more storage

The secret is to use the guest room as your storage space too! Invest in a full-wall wardrobe but make sure that there is enough free space such that your guests feel welcome in the room. If it’s a compact room, you can also use a convertible sofa-cum-bed or a Murphy bed.

Space-saving ideas for toilet
bathroom-shower cubicle-storage racks
Glass shower cubicles makes your bathroom airy
white bathroom-shower cubicle
Under sink storage can hold your knick-knacks

Glass shower cubicles, under the sink storage and lots of shelves are the way to go when designing a small toilet. Since it’s usually a highly compact space, make sure you consult your ID before making any decisions as ergonomics are the key in ensuring a functional yet space-saving toilet.

Decorating a tight space doesn’t have to be all boring. These simple tricks that add the illusion of space.

  • Use mirrors and glass to create an illusion of space
  • Neutral and monochrome colours can give a home a spacious look
  • Natural light and ample artificial lighting can save your home from looking cramped
  • Low seating and sleek furniture can make the home appear lighter visually

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